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Machine Learning

How to Empower Your Company with the Right Machine Learning Approach

The more teams across your organization leverage machine learning, the more impact you can make on the business. But how do you build trust and adoption in machine learning when many business units do not understand (or trust) its impact in meeting their goals?


With Acquia, we make machine learning easy and accessible for non-technical marketers and customer-facing teams, while empowering analysts and data scientists like you to more efficiently build your own models, build more impactful models, and see the fruits of your labors in deeper analytical insights, more impactful campaigns fueled by machine learning, and by giving the company the power to do more with less.


Why Does ML Matter?

Key Benefits


Even the smallest marketing teams are able to more easily deliver more targeted 1:1 personalization with machine learning, and faster, compared to manual and more legacy methods.


Machines can calculate billions of predictions per day better than humans can. This is why ML-driven analytics and segmentation gives brands highly accurate insights, up-to-date, without bias.


Campaigns powered by machine learning segmentation and insights deliver better results. Higher ROI, higher CTR, higher LTV. Machine learning personalizes experiences in ways that really make an impact.

Key Use Cases


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Predict which customers will behave in certain ways, and target campaigns accordingly. Likely to buy, likely to churn, likely to engage on email. Leverage ML to drive the right experience.


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Let ML search within the data to discover segments. Excavate new marketing opportunities, important customer segments, and retention risks. Don’t guess based on human intuition alone.


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Let ML recommend to marketers new segmentation and personalization opportunities, so that marketers can reach the right audience in a timely manner. Let ML recommend to customers what the right product, action, or journey step is without marketers needing to manually ideate this every step of the way.

Key Features
Machine Learning and Predictive Models
ML predictions
Built-in likelihood models, including likely to buy, likely to churn, likely to pay full price, and likely to engage on email
ML clusters
Built-in clusters, including category clusters, product clusters, and behavioral clusters -- all with fuzzy clustering
ML recommendations
Built-in recommendations, including customer-to-product recommendations, and recommendations for marketers about next best channel, optimal send time, etc.
Custom ML models
Leverage Acquia's ML framework to build your own ML models and easily feed them into the CDP for analysis and campaign activation
ML workbench
Leverage ML Studio to give your data science team the power to easily build your own ML models
Frequency of model refresh
Models are refreshed at least daily
Actionability of ML
ML models are easily leveraged by all campaigns and for analytics
Customer lifetime value models
Advanced modeling is included in the CDP to predict customer LTV and churn propensity
ML expertise & resources
16+ years of ML expertise helps clients easily leverage machine learning and serve as resources to build custom models
ML analytics
ML Center provides hundreds of OOTB analytical insights for machine learning that is enabled for your company

Marketing Cloud - Tech Feature

Where Can You Find ML at Acquia?

Machine Learning is a cornerstone of the Acquia Customer Data Platform. Explore the Acquia products that have Machine learning in their framework.