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Drupal for Project Managers, Part 3: Launching [June 12, 2013]

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This four-part mini-course follows the life cycle of a Drupal project from start to finish -- and back again. This is based on our day-long Drupal for Project Manager’s course and will appeal both to project managers adopting Drupal and experienced Drupal developers or site builders who want to improve their overall project planning.

In this class, you’ll learn how to plan for a successful launch. We'll show you some typical problems that come up at launch time. We'll take a quick overview of a pre-flight checklist and show you how the Acquia Insight tool works to check your site.

Amye Scavarda, Partner Support Advocate here at Acquia, has seen it all. Amye is an experienced project manager, and has presented at DrupalCons on project management. She also has contributed a chapter on the subject to the Definitive Guide to Drupal. She’ll answer your questions about launches and show you:
• Launch planning
• How to avoid pitfalls at launch time
• The tools and methods for testing

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013