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Upcoming Webinars

Learn more about Acquia's products through a free online webinar live including Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation.

To view an archive of previously recorded webinars, please visit Recorded Webinars.

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01:00 PM EDT

Jakub Suchy, Director of Solution Architecture, AcquiaDan Hollinger, Solution Engineer, CloudFlare

DDoS attacks are growing in both size and frequency. Forrester Research estimates that DDoS costs range from $1,000 to more than $100,000 per hour. No industry is safe and no internal IT department can keep up with attack tactics that evolve daily.

Join two security experts - CloudFlare Solutions Engineer Dan Hollinger and Acquia Director of Solution Architecture Jakub Suchy to learn:

How DDoS attacks have evolved over time
How to...

Dan Hollinger, Solution Engineer, CloudFlare and Jakub Suchy, Director of Solution Architecture, Acquia

01:00 PM EDT


When it comes to site performance, you want speed. Lagging page-load times compromise the success of your site. But how can you optimize performance when your Drupal site’s back-end is already durable? Make your site faster by improving performance on the front-end.

In this webinar, Jason Stanbery, who is Acquia’s Front End Architect, will help you revamp your front-end performance strategy. You’ll learn:

Theme Handling: How to...

Jason Stanbery, Front End Architect, Acquia

01:00 PM EDT

Dries Buytaert

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution. In 10 years, we won’t recognize the modern day website. Here’s why: The current web is "pull-based", meaning we visit websites or download mobile applications. The future of the web is "push-based", meaning the web will come to us. This transformative shift is what we’re referring to as The Big Reverse of the Web.

How can you future-proof your business to brace for this transformative shift...

Dries Buytaert, Creator of Drupal, Co-founder and CTO, Acquia