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Upcoming Webinars

Are you thinking ahead? Our webinars are designed to help give you what you need to stay ahead of the curve. We're talking developer tips and tricks for Drupal, all things WCM, customer success stories and how tos, and where the future of the web is headed.

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01:00 PM EST


It’s no secret: Drupal 8 simplifies the development process. With support for object-oriented web development, PHP, Symfony, and more, Drupal 8 has been architected for developer productivity and makes development easier than ever before.

In this webinar, learn how to setup the tools to make Drupal 8 and Symfony development that much easier. Ron Northcutt, Solutions Architect at Acquia, will review some simple use cases for each tool...

Ron Northcutt - Solutions Architect; Acquia

01:00 PM EST


A great online experience is essential for success in today’s digital marketplace. The challenge is in having the resources to build, deploy, manage and scale web applications while ensuring there is adequate focus on continuing innovation, which is crucial for ongoing success.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service has helped bridge the gap. However, IT professionals are starting to realize that an end-to-end Platform-as-a-Service is the...

Andrew Kenney - VP Platform Engineering, Acquia

01:00 PM EST


In a world of beautiful graphical user interfaces (GUI), it can be easy to forget (or ignore) the comparatively ugly and boring command line. However, for those of us who have been doing web development for many years, it is often still our go-to place to get things done quickly without the distraction that a dedicated application sometimes provides. With a little bit of tweaking, the command line can actually look pretty too, while at the...

Dave Myburgh, Senior Engineer and Team Lead on

01:00 PM EST


You’ve heard of targeted advertising, but what about targeted content? If you’re going to take the time to make sure your ad message is the right one, why not also make sure you deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

This webinar, hosted by MediaShift, will include a discussion by top publishers who are serving personalized content to drive better engagement for their audience. And the best...

Mark Glaser - Founder, Publisher and Executive Editor, MediaShift; Dave Ingram - Product Manager, Acquia; Sam Han - Director, Bid Data and Personalization, Washington Post

01:00 PM EST


GraphQL has been deemed everything from the death knell of typical current RESTful approaches to the query language of the future. Created by Facebook to power its data fetching and coming to Drupal 8, GraphQL portends a dizzying shift in not only how client-side applications request and receive data but also how payloads are interpreted and formatted on the server side. What exactly is GraphQL, and what distinguishes it from other similar...

Preston So, Development Manager, Acquia Labs