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Upcoming Webinars

Are you thinking ahead? Our webinars are designed to help give you what you need to stay ahead of the curve. We're talking developer tips and tricks for Drupal, all things WCM, customer success stories and how tos, and where the future of the web is headed.

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11:00 AM EDT


You’re the experts in building the next generation of customer experience, but we believe that we’re the pros when it comes to empowering our partners’ creative freedom to build award-winning brands better, faster, and smarter. Bottom line, we want to help you win more enterprise deals.

Whether you're already an existing Acquia Partner or just interested in learning more, this is a great opportunity to learn about what it...

Tom Richardson, VP, Strategic Partnerships

01:00 PM EDT


Is your cache performing the way you want? Do you have issues with stale content or too many hits to origin? Cache plays a very important role in the overall success of your application, allowing you to deliver faster responses to more users, but sometimes Drupal caching can be complicated and difficult to get right.

Join us for this webinar with Corey Wood, expert Drupalist and Technical Account Manager Team Lead at Acquia, as we...

Corey Wood, Senior Technical Account Manager, Team Lead

01:00 PM EDT


Migrating to Drupal 8 might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes, it is possible to migrate simply. Other times, the needs of the migration require customization of the migration, which can introduce significant challenges. However, with the right planning and processes in place, effectively migrating your content can be easy.

In this webinar, learn about the processes needed to effectively migrate your...

Thomas Howell- Client Advisor, Acquia; Aurelien Navarre - Senior Technical Solutions Analyst, Acquia

11:00 AM EDT


Drupal can be a resource-intensive system. Any moderately complicated site will generate a lot of database queries and use a fair amount of memory to build pages to serve to visitors. With some judicious tuning, however, Drupal can perform really well, and at scale.

In this webinar, Drew Webber, Principal Support Engineer at Acquia, will discuss some common pitfalls encountered by sites that struggle in the face of increased traffic....

Drew Webber - Principal Support Engineer, Acquia

01:00 PM EDT


Load testing, while often overlooked, is a critical part of ensuring that your website is performing properly. With the right load testing approach, you can feel confident that your site will keep responding under the load of projected spikes in traffic, and understand just how your site responds to this traffic.

In this webinar, learn how to successfully plan and execute an effective load test, and why load testing is so important in...

Lanette Miller - Senior Support Engineer, Acquia; Ally Gonthier - Support Engineer, Acquia

02:00 PM EDT


For years, government agencies have been looking to technology to improve their ability to deliver services to their various constituencies. But now they are really feeling the heat. Thanks to advances in the world of retail, banking, and other sectors, the idea of digital services has gone from being a novelty to being an expectation.

Are government agencies ready to keep pace? That was the underlying question in a...

Dan Katz - Technical Director, Public Sector, Acquia