Code Studio (Early Access)

Accelerate and optimize your coding experience with Acquia Code Studio

Your workshop in the clouds

The developer's time is valuable, but they only get to spend 40% of their time writing new code. They spend the rest of their time maintaining, testing and securing existing code.

Acquia Code Studio augments and automates key pieces of your developer workflow to unlock developer time. Then it enhances their workflow with the tools to plan, build, review, test, and deploy - all in one place.

Code Studio Features

Code Studio provides you tools to develop code, from inception to launch, all in one place. It includes features like issue management, CI/CD, security scans and code collaboration. Learn more about the Code Studio features that make this possible.

Powered by Gitlab

Code Studio takes the best parts of Gitlab and adds in optimizations for Drupal and the Acquia Platform.

Cloud IDE

Spin up a prepackaged cloud development environment with dedicated resources, a blazing fast connection, and a fully prepared IDE. Your tools are available where ever you are.

Cloud Actions

Automate your deployments and choose which actions to take as your code is deployed.

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