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The Importance of User Experience

If you look at successful companies today, you’ll notice they all create novel or truly enjoyable experiences for their users. Apple delights users with incredible user interfaces, easy to use software, and technology that is interactive. Twitter created a new way for users to communicate, follow, and broadcast news. Facebook brought your life and friends online. Foursquare is a new way for store fronts to create loyalty programs while giving users a way to track, rate, and discover new places - socially. Gilt Group makes shopping online exciting and high end fashion a bit more affordable. Hulu aggregates and brings your favorite television shows to the web. Zappos delivers happiness through exceptional customer service.

Now look at Drupal - the story is no different. Flexibility, extensibility, and large community make Drupal appealing. Being a part of such a large community brings depth to the experience as well. Both with thousands of available modules and the sense of family that you experience when attending a Drupalcon. But, it’s appeal goes beyond that. Drupal empowers users to create delightful web experiences for their users.

It’s no different at Acquia. We aim to create enjoyable and empowering experiences for our customers. It’s part of helping them be more successful creating the same type of experience on their websites for their users. Ensuring that people are successful with Drupal is our number one priority. At the same time, we understand this is a process. We’ll always be looking to improve the experience the same way is fanatical about user interface testing to optimize their application’s ease of use. Building, providing, and improving our clients’ Drupal experience is why we are seeing repeat customers and one of the reasons our team loves working here - it's more than just a job.

So, let us manage and help your with your infrastructure, support needs, hosting, architecture questions, and challenges. We want you to focus on building delightful web experiences for your customers.

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