Ezra Barnett Gildesgame

Product Manager & Engineering Lead, Distributions Team
Acquia, Inc.

Ezra has been an active Drupalist since 2006, consulting for top-tier tech and publishing industry clients, presenting at DrupalCons and camps and maintaining a range of contributed modules such as Nodequeue.

At Growing Venture Solutions, he focused on the Conference Organizing Distribution for Drupal (COD), making conference and event websites a focus area for the company and leading development of the platform used to power all DrupalCon websites since Chicago 2011, most DrupalCamps and many non-Drupal conferences around the world.

Ezra got hooked on the Drupal Community starting in 2007 when he presented at DrupalCon Sunnyvale, and is a (dis)organizer for the New York City Drupal user group. Some of his favorite presentations include an Introduction to Module Development, a background on COD and one on Drupal and Scrum at the Economist. He co-authored a series of e-books about Drupal.

Ezra's broader background includes a range of technical roles and tinkering with Internet technologies such as Apache and PHP-based content management systems.

Outside of Drupal, Ezra is a recreational photographer, guitarist and dedicated music enthusiast who would love to talk to you about your experience of American roots and various "World music" traditions.

Ezra is Certified to Rock level 7.

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