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Every Store Needs a Story

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Challenger Brands are changing the world of commerce

The future of online shopping is being built today by new, disruptive brands such as Thrillist and Houzz through the integration of content, commerce and community. Brands must continually innovate to keep ahead of the game and maintain relevancy to todays’ consumer.


Commerce As Usual often results in disjointed user experiences

As consumer needs have evolved and technologies have lagged behind, many brands have been forced to create patchwork experiences that try to present the user with both a streamlined shopping experience and beautiful brand experience. Often these end up as separate, disjointed user flows.


The Industry is recognizing that a new approach is needed

If brands can seamlessly unify content, commerce and community experiences then the brand has the ability to tell a fully cohesive, and integrated story to the consumer. These well branded, engaging experiences will ultimately drive loyalty, trust and conversion.

Declare an End to Commerce as Usual

Challenges faced by our customers

Commerce platforms are excellent at managing product and transactional data, however are not designed to manage site experiences.

IT dependencies for marketing experiences

IT teams need solutions that will reduce dependencies on IT and enable business teams to make content updates directly. This way IT can concentrate on crucial commerce capabilities the customer expects, but may not be overtly aware of... until they fail.


Managing content workflows

Building and managing workflows and approval flows for content and translation is difficult. Sometimes the content is all kept in an excel spreadsheet with minimal context, others use a google doc, and some clients email content back and forth. At best, this leaves lots of room for human error. At worst, it leads to small teams going rogue and publishing in appropriate content.


Creating brand differentiation through content & social media

Differentiating your brand through traditional commerce platforms today is extremely hard. Many end up with minimal brand differentiation (if any) and blending together in the eyes of the consumer


Managing non-product content

Commerce platforms are built to manage and control tons of data and very structured content, and do so very successfully, however they were not designed to manage unstructured content marketers and merchants need to keep their sites fresh and up to date.


Consumers are no longer looking for shopping experiences that are distinctly separate. Today, consumers are looking to shop within content.
- Rachel Tipograph, Gap

As a content and commerce marketer, The North Face has a strategic imperative to stimulate emotional connections and maximize customer value
-R. Shay Miles, The North Face

The convergence of content and commerce platforms is already well underway. Forrester expects these two solution categories to be foundational elements in digital customer experience management.
- Forrester

A Fresh Approach to Commerce
in a Content-Driven World

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Through the power and flexibility of Acquia Commerce, brands can seamlessly unify content, commerce and community experiences into a single, cohesive brand experience that will drive deeper engagement with the consumer, brand loyalty, and ultimately, conversion. Tear up the old rulebook of managing commerce experiences and create new, compelling, game-changing shopping experiences through Acquia Commerce.



Consumers expect consistent, connected experiences across all digital channels that will give them enough information to make a purchase decision while allowing them to have fun with the brand

Content Managers (Marketing, Merchandisers) need to blend product and non-product content in new engaging ways that will help the consumer make an informed purchase

Marketing & Merchandisers needs to easily create landing pages and experiences that will help consumers develop an emotional connection to the brand and optimize the effectiveness of digital advertising and demand generation tactics.

IT teams need solutions that will reduce dependencies on IT and enable business teams to make content updates directly so IT can concentrate on infrastructure and crucial capabilities the customer expects

Make Your Commerce
Site Work Harder

Forrester White Paper

Investing in a commerce platform is one of the biggest investments brands make today, and migrating to a new commerce platform is a massive undertaking. With Acquia commerce you’re able to keep the investment you’ve made in a commerce platform that is already working.

The Acquia Commerce platform is built on top of Drupal, a best-in-class open-source CMS System. Whether it’s adding a Drupal interface to your existing commerce platform, or using the power of Drupal Commerce to drive your online business, Acquia works with you and your existing technologies to create a customized solution designed to fit your unique business and needs.