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Upcoming Webinars

Learn more about Acquia's products through a free online webinar live including Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation.

To view an archive of previously recorded webinars, please visit Recorded Webinars.

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01:00 PM EDT


The web is undergoing a massive re-architecture, driven by the explosion of mobile devices and applications, the requirement to deliver personalized experiences to every customer, and the demands on organizations to embrace digital transformation. Enter Drupal 8. Drupal 8 provides more than 200 breakthrough capabilities for users to build great digital experiences now and for the future.

But, is your organization ready for Drupal 8? In...

James Rutherford, Director of Client Services, Mediacurrent; David Aponovich, Sr. Director, Digital Experiences, Acquia

11:00 AM EDT


Drupal 8 + Coffee Date: Dries Buytaert Tells All I Partner Exclusive Webinar

We know you're ready for Drupal 8. You’re the agencies and systems integrators who bring beautiful digital experiences to life on Drupal. But, with the recent announcement that the Acquia Platform is fully supporting the next wave with Drupal 8, we thought you may have a burning question or two. This webinar is exclusively for you.


Dries Buytaert, Drupal Founder and Project Lead and Co-Founder and CTO of Acquia, Angie “Webchick” Byron, Director of Community Development, Alex Bronstein, Principal Engineer, Wim Leers, Senior Engineer

01:00 PM EDT


Acquia Lift Sales Enablement I Partner Exclusive Webinar

Personalization is no longer a hot topic; it’s the norm. As the digital agencies and systems integrators who bring amazing digital experiences to life, you know better than anyone that delivering contextualized experiences that are smart, relevant, and integrated is expected.

We recently announced a new and...

Allison Nolan, Director of Lift Product Marketing, and Joel Gershon, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Acquia

01:00 PM EDT


Everyone is excited for the launch of Drupal 8. In this fast-paced webinar, Rod Martin, Director of Training at OSTraining, will introduce you to all of the major advances in Drupal 8. Rod will cover user-friendly features including the mobile-friendly admin interface and the in-place WYSIWYG editor, plus improvements in theming and module development.

What you’ll walk away with:

An overview of all the key innovations in Drupal 8...

Rod Martin, Director of Training, OSTraining

01:00 PM EDT


Acquia Cloud Site Factory® Sales Enablement I Partner Exclusive Webinar

Acquia Cloud Site Factory® is a scalable multi-site management cloud platform that allows agencies and systems integrators to quickly create, deploy, and manage many content-rich websites. Does creating and deploying beautiful websites in record time without having to constantly manage or rebuild sites for each client sound like...

Ankit Shah, Senior Manager, Product Marketing and Alexis Segars, Channel Director, West