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Social Translations Powered by Lingotek

Don’t let language be a barrier to collaboration for your community. Now communities built on Drupal Commons can leverage Social Translations powered by Lingotek to extend self service across languages using sophisticated translation algorithms and the power of the crowd.


Translate interfaces

Translate your community interfaces into your members’ native languages, removing barriers to contribution


High-quality user-generated content translation

Harness the power of your global community by allowing international teams to collaborate and support one another seamlessly regardless of their native language


Crowdsource translation to your community

With the industry’s leading collaborative online translation tools, Social Translations powered by Lingotek makes it easy to leverage the power of the crowd. Configurable voting capabilities ensures only the best translations get accepted.


Outsourced translations

For larger projects you don’t have time to manage yourself, Lingotek can connect you with the right linguists and help you leverage technology, workflow, and project management practices to minimize time/cost and maximize content reusability.


Identify your star translators

Historical reports and real-time visibility into translation progress lets identify your best translators. Configurable point systems allow you to incentivize them and foster friendly competition.