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Acquia Network

30 day free trial. Now with Insight & SEO grader!

Get started in 3 simple steps

3 easy steps
Get an Acquia Network subscription
Download & install the connector
Use your keys to connect to the Network

Site monitoring with Insight

Work with our Client Advisory Team to get support for all Drupal 6 and 7 modules, themes, and custom code. Need more? Upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise subscription.

Access to cloud services

Acquia Insight runs 80+ tests on your Drupal code and configuration, and Acquia SEO Grader runs another 100+ tests on your site's optimization. Also take advantage of Mollom's spam-blocking service!

Access to Acquia Search

Quickly index the content on your site and use result filters, and content recommendations to improve performance and enhance experience for your users.

Access to knowledge

With access to the Acquia Library you can explore our extensive self-service knowledge base of articles, videos, documentation and more to answer questions quickly.