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GOSCON: Drupal rocks 50 national government sites

"GOSCON is the the premier annual government open source conference for government information technology leadership". This Thursday, Acquia will be helping with the Drupal booth at GOSCON. We are going to be joined by Ian Cairns from Development Seed, Kurt Voelker from Forum One, Douglas Morrison from World Zhulu, and Bryan Colligan VP of FinalView.com. It's great to have a diverse representation of the Drupal project after we put out a call for volunteers.

We are also going to be participating in a panel called "Who do I Call? Understanding the Open Source IT Ecosystem". The panel is intended to help the government audience understand how open source applications are supported - both "commercial" and community source. It is scheduled from 10:50 am to 11:30 a.m. in the GOSCON "Management" track.

To help demonstrate how national governments are using Drupal I put together a slideshow of national government websites. The Drupal community did a fantastic job identifying these sites after I put a call out on twitter.

We've also created a top 10 reasons to Choose Drupal for Government handout. This
hand out targets the specific needs of Government Drupal sites.