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When visitors find content faster, they stay longer

Great content deserves great search

Deliver fast and relevant search results on your content-rich Drupal site. Acquia Search lets you create custom search experiences for your own website to help your visitors find content faster and stay on your site longer.

Built on Apache Solr, Acquia Search offers site visitors faceted search navigation and content recommendations to help them find valuable information faster. It is a fully redundant, high performance cloud service delivered via the Acquia Network. Simply add the Apache Solr modules to your Drupal site and start creating a custom search experience on your site.

Acquia Search makes advanced search features like faceted navigation, content recommendations, wildcard and fuzzy search an integral part your visitors' on-site navigation experience. Search across multiple sites from a single query and extend search to attached files, including Office documents, PDFs, audio, video and image formats, and more. Acquia Search guides your visitors to relevant content quickly, so they spend more time on your site and view more pages, extending the productive life of the content assets on your website.

Faceted search: Help visitors refine queries quickly and find relevant results faster with dynamic search filters.
Content recommendations: Suggest additional related content alongside of search results and increase visitor time on your site.
Better performance: Improve response times and lower abandon rates by offering a faster search experience than Drupal's built-in search.
Attachment search: Extend search to a wide range of file attachments including Office documents, PDFs and rich media files.
Multi-site search: Integrate your visitors' search experience across multiple sites.
Results sorting: Sort their search results by date, type, author and custom criteria.
Results weighting: Use fine-grained controls to customise and improve result relevancy by weighting results according to your site needs.