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Web Site Templates

Manage Multiple Websites and Easily Create Web Site Templates With Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Are you hoping to quickly create multiple web site templates? Leading organizations are finding that they are mismanaging multiple web properties which are inadvertently causing disjointed experiences. This can lead to an environment that is vulnerable to security threats, slow to market, and quite costly. Enter Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory empowers organizations to create and deploy many one-of-a-kind sites in record time while maintaining security. Quickly deploy content-rich sites by building and cloning Drupal templates and then manage them all through one single dashboard.


  • Create a Drupal Template - use best practices and patterns for your site template and design as many templates as you desire
  • Create a New Site - accelerate the site creation by duplicating a Drupal template to construct a new site that possesses all of the template’s configuration
  • Brand the Site - add site-specific content and branding to deliver a truly engaging experience
  • Done!

Learn more about web site templates by downloading information on Acquia Cloud Site Factory to find out how you can consistently create and manage many sites.