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Drupal 8 Has Many New Changes for Web Site Builders to Love

Drupal 8 has something for everyone to love, especially web site builders. New improvements have been made to make building websites in Drupal 8 even easier and more fun.

For web site builders, some of the most exciting new changes in Drupal 8 include:

  • Views, now baked in: the Views module is now in core, with the majority of the main administrative listings (Content, People, Files, etc) converted into Views. Additionally, various sidebar blocks, several RSS feeds, and the default front page have been converted to Views.
  • More field types: powerful new fields have been added to Drupal 8 such as Entity Reference and Date, along with simple fields that are often needed such as Phone, Email, and Link
  • Migration path: Drupal 8 brings a new migration path, making it easier than ever to migrate from Drupal 6 or 7, courtesy of a D8 port of the Migrate and Migrate Drupal-to-Drupal modules. Instead of your site being offline for hours while attempting to upgrade your production database, you can keep your Drupal 6 or 7 site up and running while you build your new site on Drupal 8.
And that’s not all. Read the Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 to get an overview of the 200+ changes in Drupal 8 and why it’s the best version of Drupal yet!