Open Source Web Design

Drupal 8: Open Source Web Design Made Even Easier

Are you an open source web designer? Drupal 8, the most advanced version of Drupal yet, has many improvements for front-end developers and web designers that make it easier than ever before to be an open source web designer. Drupal 8 makes it easy for web designers to create appealing, easy-to-use, and mobile-friendly web experiences.

Are you interested in learning about the the newest capabilities in Drupal open source web design? In our Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8, we give an overview of the new features of Drupal 8 and the improvements that have been made for front-end developers and open source web designers.

Front-End Improvements in Drupal 8

  • HTML5: the Drupal 8 output has been converted to use semantic HTML5 markup
  • Libraries: many front-end libraries have been added to Drupal 8 to help create mobile-friendly and rich front-end applications
  • New Themes: Twig replaces the PHPTemplate-based theme, which allows Drupal web designers with HTML/CSS knowledge to modify markup without needing to be an expert in PHP
  • Responsive themes: Drupal 8 also has new responsive features, including responsive themes, toolbar, images, and tables.
  • UI Elements: New UI elements allow you use your own admin screens, including modal dialogs and drop buttons, which were previously part of the Chaos tool suite (ctools) module
  • Faster Performance: Fast by default, Drupal 8 has features such as CSS and JavaScript aggregation already turned on