Open Source Drupal For Government

Government agencies saving time and money with open source Drupal delivering citizen needs

Improving citizen interactions and engagements being in the forefront of Open Government initiatives and program directives, challenges innovations in how its many departments and agencies work together and interface with its populace. Open source Drupal delivers an agile platform that lets Government centrally manage hundreds of their sites without overly burdening the IT spend. But that's not it; there are definite leverage for Government with open source solutions, like Drupal with Acquia platform.

Open source Drupal with Acquia platform allows Government to not lock-in on any proprietary formats or systems; thus allowing them complete freedom and control of their data and destiny. Particulary with 11 million developers globally, an open source solution like Acquia / Drupal allows Government the speed and innovation unparalleled from any other environment or vendor.

Security and Personalization are other key aspects for Government interaction with its citizens. Sure, one will need to manage the system boundaries to block intrusions, but by nature of being open source, it is also subject to significantly more scrutiny from its developer community; vulnerabilities are found faster than they can cause any impact and closed as quickly as the are discovered..

Open source Drupal inherently promotes and facilitates reusability. Reusable Drupal modules not only accelerates broader adoptions across various government agencies, but also significantly drive down the overall IT spend. In addition, it aligns with the core civic values of transparency and freedom. Many government organizations have contributed open source modules to the community, sharing their innovations for others to benefit from.

To learn more on how the digital branding of Government is shaped by Acquia / Drupal platform, fill out the form and download the white paper on it.