Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile Website Optimization is Even Easier with Drupal 8

Mobile website optimization is critical in today's world of constantly evolving digital devices. One of the biggest updates in Drupal 8 is it's mobile-first ability and responsive design.

Our Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8 provides you with an overview of the 200+ new improvements in Drupal 8, including a summary of Drupal 8's ability to optimize your mobile website. Features include:

  • Mobile-friendly toolbar: a shiny new administrative toolbar that automatically expands and orients itself depending on which screen is being used, making it easy for users to jump around to various parts of the site
  • Mobile by design: from the installer down to the modules page, Drupal 8 has been created with mobile in mind. New features like in-place editing are designed to work on any device
  • Responsive Themes, Images, Tables...: all core themes are now responsive and will automatically reflow elements such as menus and blocks, so they show correctly no matter the device

Read our eBook now to learn about all of the new and exciting features in Drupal 8 for mobile website optimization.