Mobile Responsive Web Design

Drupal 8 makes mobile responsive web design native

Mobile design is not an afterthought anymore. With Drupal 8, your web design starts of with mobile from ground up - its in the DNA.

The second release candidate for Drupal 8 has been released over 1,000 times already. The mobile first design approach of Drupal 8 makes the web design easy with:

  • All built-in responsive themes
  • New lightweight admin experience
  • Mobile friendly navigations and buttons
  • Drupal as data source or even post back to it from client, and much more

Drupal 8 implements state-of-the-art Hypertext Application Language (HAL) as well. Do you want to expose content as JSON or XML, authenticate a client with HTTP authentication, or expose views-generated lists as services? You can do all that and more. The possibilities are endless.

Fill out the form to download the Ultimate Guide; you'll learn how Drupal 8 accelerates the mobile responsive web design, including:

  • One time publishing: API first approach lets you use content across all devices
  • Mobile-first: Ready for all devices built into core
  • Reimagined Content authoring: Create and update content easily on the go