Learning Web Development

Learning Web Development is Clear and Easy With Acquia's Drupal Toolkit

A large part of learning web development involves web design and content management.  To be a successful developer, you want a platform that can keep your site relevant and provide the tools you need to succeed. Acquia and the Drupal Platform will do that and much more.

Drupal is the open source CMS (content management system) that provides developers with powerful tools to build amazing, personalized digital experiences. With Drupal, you can reach consumers across all devices and platforms, engaging consumers wherever they are. Drupal is trusted by top organizations worldwide because of our innovation and dedication to our users’ success.

Download our Drupal toolkit and find:

  • A two-part introduction to our latest update, Drupal 8
  • Video tutorials, demos, and presentations
  • Access to our blog series, where you can learn how expert developers have learned and used Drupal and Drupal 8

Learning web development can be challenging, but Acquia makes it easier with our informative Drupal toolkit. Download the toolkit and get started with Drupal today.