Creating a Free Drupal Website with Acquia Cloud Free

Free Drupal Website

Are you looking to create a free Drupal website? Acquia Cloud Free is the perfect place to do so. Acquia Cloud Free is a sandbox of developer tools, and in conjunction with Drupal 8 it makes creating a free Drupal website fun and easy.

Acquia Cloud Free allows users to test and experiment with the features of Drupal and test the quality of users’ code. With Acquia Cloud Free, users will get access to:

  • Acquia Mollom: protect your site from any unwanted attacks and ensure your visitors are seeing and experiencing the appropriate content on your site
  • Acquia Search: confirm that users are receiving correct and relevant content and a five-star search experience with their searches by deploying Apache Solr-powered search
  • Acquia Help Center: never let your questions go unanswered. With Acquia Help Center, gain access to many helpful resources such as webinars, articles, and forums to answer any questions you may have
  • Acquia Insight: make sure your site is performing the best it can be by analyzing, measuring and improving your site based on Drupal best practices, security, and performance

If you’re looking to create a free Drupal website, Acquia Cloud Free is what you’re looking for. Try our demo and get started today.