Drupal Websites: Create Sites at Scale

Drupal Websites

Need to spin up Drupal websites quickly and easily? Many brands and organizations are finding that they are managing multiple websites built with different content management platforms. This creates a complicated environment that is hard to maintain, bears unpredictable costs, and is vulnerable to security threats.

Case Study: The City of Los Angeles builds sites more efficiently while reducing cost and complexity.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory enables organizations to create and deploy sites in record time while maintaining web governance, branding, and security. Acquia Cloud Site Factory makes it easy to deploy new sites by creating and cloning Drupal templates with full site management and site visibility at your fingertips.


  • Create a Site Template: Architect your template based on patterns and create as many templates as you need
  • Create a New Drupal Site: Clone a Drupal template to make a new site which includes the template’s configurations
  • Brand the Site: Add your content and branding to the page to deliver a compelling digital experience
  • Done!