drupal website templates

Spin Up Drupal Website Templates Quickly

Do you need to spin up Drupal website templates quickly? Lots of organizations find that they are managing too many web properties with disjointed experiences, resulting in an environment that is vulnerable to security threats, slow to market, and inflicts unpredictable costs.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory allows brands to build and deploy many unique and branded sites in record time, all while still maintaining web governance and security. Users can easily deploy content-rich sites by cloning or creating Drupal templates, and can manage them all through one single dashboard.


  • Create a Drupal Website Template: Use patterns and best practices in your site templates and create as many templates as you desire
  • Create a New Website: Duplicate a Drupal template to create a new website that inherits all of the template’s configurations, which will accelerate the site creation process
  • Brand the Site: Add site-specific content and branding content to deliver an engaging experience
  • Done!

Want to learn more about managing many sites and spinning up Drupal website templates quickly? Download our eBook to find out how you can create and manage many sites consistently and at scale.