Drupal 8: 200+ New Features for Drupal Website Developers

Drupal Website Developer

The most recent version of Drupal, Drupal 8, provides many new improvements for users such as a Drupal website developer. "Ease of use” for a website developer has been redefined by Drupal, enabling website developers to build appealing and mobile-friendly digital experiences.

Our eBook, Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8, provides readers with an overview of the 200+ features in Drupal 8, and gives an idea of how Drupal 8 will make a Drupal website developer's life easier.

Drupal 8 brings lots of front-end improvements to the table, including:

  • Output converted to semantic HTML5 markup
  • Mobile-friendly tables, themes, toolbars, and images make Drupal 8 responsive by design
  • CSS and JavaScript aggregation are turned on from the start, improving performance and boosting page load times
  • Twig replaces the PHPTemplate based theme, giving Drupal web developers the benefit to use HTML/CSS knowledge to modify markup (no need to be a PHP expert!)
  • Previously part of the ctools (Chaos tool suite) module, web developers now have the capability to use their own modal dialogs, admin screens, and drop screens
  • Web developers now have the ability to build rich and mobile-friendly front-end apps with various front-end libraries