5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Drupal Website

Drupal Website

Drupal is one of the most flexible and agile content management systems used to build incredible web experiences. When building and maintaining a Drupal website, it is critical to follow best practices in regards to site architecture, performance, and security. Acquia’s consulting staff has done numerous site audits, and compiled the top lessons learned and tips for creating and maintaining your Drupal website, and gives insight on how to migrate to Drupal 8 if you haven't done so already!

Success Story: Weather.com Delivers a Great Digital Experience with Acquia

In our Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8, we review everything that Drupal 8 has to offer to build an amazing Drupal website, including how to:

  • Quickly and simply create and update content with the new authoring experience
  • Get your site ready for any device with Drupal 8's mobile-by-nature structure
  • Publish content once, and re-use it across all platforms and apps
  • Integrate with the technologies that your organization is already using - including CRM, marketing automation and more

Read our guide now to learn how to optimize your Drupal website today.