Drupal Web Services

Drupal Web Services: Learn About Drupal 8 Updates + Get the eBook

If you aren't already familiar with them, Drupal RESTful Web Services expose Drupal resources (e.g. entities) as RESTful web services. The Drupal Web Services module uses the Entity API and the information about entity properties to provide resource representations for all entity types, including nodes, comments, users, and more. It is also possible for developers to implement custom resources to be exposed via the same interface.

Learn more about the Drupal 8 update to the Drupal Web Services module, and more, by downloading this eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 introduces a native REST API (built right into Drupal 8 and provided by the RESTful Web Services suite of modules). This allows for:

  • Fine-grained configuration of which resources should be available (nodes, taxonomy, users, and so on)
  • What HTTP methods are allowed against those resources (GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE)
  • Which formats and authentication are used to access those resources

Download this eBook to read up on the biggest changes in Drupal 8. Whether you are an end user, site builder, designer, front-end developer, or back-end developer, Drupal 8 has something in store for everyone.