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Drupal Web Development
Drupal Web Development

Are you interested in learning what's happening in Drupal web development? Drupal 8 has over 200 new improvements and features that everyone can benefit from.

  • Site Development: Drupal 8 simplifies the site building experience by incorporating a number of modules which used to require separate installation and configuration into its core
  • Front-end Development: Drupal 8 offers powerful new tools for theming, drag and drop templates for site creation, and integrates widely adopted front-end developer tools
  • Back-end Development: New built-in web services features, new configuration management system, improved caching, and a completely re-hauled Entity API

In this on-demand video, Everything You Need to Know About Top Changes in Drupal 8, you'll learn about the latest and greatest features of Drupal 8, how Drupal Development is easier than ever, and what this means for you!