Drupal Web Design

Are you a Drupal web designer? The newest version of Drupal (Drupal 8) has many improvements for front-end developers and web designers. Drupal 8 makes it easy for web designers to create easy-to-use, mobile friendly, and appealing web experiences.

Want to learn about the the newest capabilities in Drupal web design? In our eBook, we review the new features of Drupal 8 and the improvements made for front-end developers and Drupal web designers.

Front-End Improvements in Drupal 8

  • HTML5: Drupal 8 output has been converted to use semantic HTML5 markup.
  • Libraries: Drupal 8 brings many front-end libraries to help create mobile friendly, rich front-end applications.
  • New Themes: In Drupal 8, Twig takes the place of PHPTemplate-based theme which enables Drupal web designers with HTML/CSS knowledge to modify markup without needing to be a PHP expert.
  • Responsive themes: Drupal 8 also has new responsive features, including responsive themes, toolbar, images, and tables.
  • UI Elements: The new UI elements let you use your own admin screens, including modal dialogs and drop buttons which were previously part of the Chaos tool suite (ctools) module
  • Faster Performance: Drupal 8 is fast by default, and has features such as CSS and JavaScript aggregation already turned on.