Drupal Tutorial: Discover the Best in Drupal Tutorials

Unlock the world of freely available Drupal training and education

One of Drupal's greatest benefits, along with being the world's largest open source community, is the wealth of freely available learning resources.

Whether you are brand new to Drupal or already an experienced developer, Drupal training videos, tutorials, insights and best practices can help you build out your skillset, overcome any obstacles, and launch your projects fast. We've identified some of the best training resources on the web to help new Drupal users get the foundation they need.

What you get with this tutorial:

  • Video Tutorials - An Intro to Drupal, Part 1 and 2: We've condensed the most essential information about Drupal into this quick course that includes presentations, demos and tutorials
  • Blog Series - How to Learn Drupal 8: Find out how the experts have learned Drupal and Drupal 8

Once you've made your way through Drupal training, let us know when you're ready to get started on your Drupal project.