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Drupal Token

Drupal Token

Drupal Tokens are small strings of text that can be placed into larger documents with simple placeholders, such as %your-site or [user]. The Drupal Token module provides a central API for modules to use these tokens, and expose their own token values. Although, tokens do not have any visible functions for the user. Then you must wonder, what do I need Drupal Tokens for?

The answer is: Drupal Tokens help to add file upload fields to Drupal! For file path management, you can do these three things:

  1. You can add a prefix to each instance of a file field, even if you don't install another module. For example, enter the entity name (content type, taxonomy term name).
  2. Use the Token module and you can use the current date as a dynamic configuration.
  3. Use the File (or Field) Paths module for all the options. Using this module, you can access all node tokens, such as the author or the date when the node was created. The File field paths module also lets you rename the files.

Watch this online demo to see how to configure the paths for your file uploads to ensure your website is easy to maintain. You'll also learn how site directories reach the outer limits of what Apache can handle, and how this creates a maintenance headache.