Low Friction Continuous Delivery: Improve Drupal Development Speed and Quality

Developers thrive on a continuous delivery process in which time is invested in creating, not waiting for tools, environments, and or delays due to bottlenecks in processing pull requests from multiple developers.

The value of automated testing and quality control to your code, site, and digital presence can be huge. A well designed build and test process reduces the stress and uncertainty of deployments and maintenance. Watch this recorded tech talk to learn more about the benefits of moving towards a Continuous Delivery process, and how Acquia Cloud CD can help, with features such as:

  • Automated development governance
  • Automated delivery of quality releases
  • Self-service, production-like environments which eliminate the need to move code and testing between multiple cloud platforms
  • Digital development velocity while lowering risks in quality, stability, and intellectual property.

CI tools are many and varied, can be complex to set up, and introduce a maintenance and security burden, but Acquia is working hard to simplify this process, and has recently introduced reliable managed and supported tools to the Acquia Platform to assist. Learn more now!