Are you trapped in a legacy CMS?

Learn how Acquia empowers you to break free of TeamSite.

Let Us De-Risk and Accelerate Your Migration

Migrating to Drupal has never been easier. Let us help you migrate all the business-critical aspects of your digital experience and unlock additional potential with solutions exclusively offered by Acquia.


  • Migrate from TeamSite to Drupal up to 5x faster 
  • De-Risk Migration timeline with a clear migration path
  • Optimize your content before you migrate with comprehensive content reporting
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Leverage Low-Code from Day 1.

Legacy systems can often lead to high code, custom development issues. If they do offer low-code, it can take weeks or even months to configure.

Acquia enables you to leverage low-code from day one with Acquia Site Studio. 


  • Give flexibility to marketers to create more content
  • Grant freedom to designers to create compelling designs
  • Enable developers to focus on innovation.
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Build Customer Experiences Faster without Sacrificing Innovation

Building better customer experiences doesn't mean choosing between innovation and speed. With a modern DXP platform like Acquia, you can enjoy both.


  • Accelerate the delivery of your customer experiences
  • Unleash the creative potential of IT and business users to deliver the best solutions
  • Match the pace of change without sacrificing performance, security and experience

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Choose Open.

Choose to Never Migrate from a Proprietary Platform Again.

Migrating from one CMS to another is no easy task. Ensure you never have to migrate from a legacy platform again by choosing the only Cloud Platform designed to support the world's leading open-source Content Management System, Drupal.

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