Unified Content and Commerce Strategies

Unify Your Content and Commerce Strategies with Acquia Commerce

Integration of content and commerce is a requirement for a successful brand identity and shopping experience. However, many brands still experience disjointed user flow due to disconnected systems. Acquia Commerce is the leading digital experience platform to provide the integration of content and commerce allowing for an engaging commerce experience.

Forrester Research: Bridge the Commerce/Content Divide has outlined how integration is critical for a successful digital customer life cycle. Forrester’s study yielded four notable findings:

  • The “two-site syndrome” leaves revenue on the table
  • A unified, collaborative strategy improves conversion
  • Senior leadership has a more optimistic view on collaboration
  • Commerce winners are differentiating with content

Acquia Commerce takes the best of both worlds to create engaging commerce experiences that will drive loyalty, trust, and conversion. Download the Forrester Report to see how Acquia Commerce can help drive your unified content and commerce strategies.