Integrating Content And Commerce

Why You Should Integrate Content And Commerece

Traditionally, marketing teams and eCommerce platforms have used different technologies. But with overlap between the two, you should be successfully integrating content and commerce to help companies support rich contextual, multichannel experiences throughout the customer acquisition steps of the customer life cycle.

An integrated platform enables companies to unite the experience between brand exploration and conversation thus ensuring a unique and relevant customer experience. Specifically, an integrated platform can:

  1. Present content at all stages of the customer life cycle that enables them to make purchase decisions
  2. Run campaigns across the digital customer life cycle
  3. Deliver personalized experiences across content- and commerce-based experiences

Acquia Commerce brings content and commerce together to create an engaging commerce experiences like never before. Give the modern consumer what they expect- consistent, integrated digital experience throughout their shopping journey. Bridge Your Content and Commerce Divide, find out more on Forrester's report.