Why Its Time to Unite Your Content and Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms

Enterprise Ecommerce

Digital marketing and commerce teams all have a familiar story. The commerce team is tasked with launching an online store using an eCommerce platform and works with IT to evolve it when online business grows. Eventually the commerce team wants to add more features and functionality including reviews, media, and other engaging content to help engage customers during the buyer's journey.

At the same time, the digital marketing team wants to brand the online store and sees the platform as a missed opportunity to engage site visitors and tries to get involved but the platform just can't meet their needs. The digital marketing team contracts with an agency to produce a microsite to create a separate experience, which causes a common divide between the content and commerce teams.

Forrester Research has addressed this problem in their report on bridging the content and commerce divide. Download the report now, to learn about why it's crucial to unite your commerce and content platforms to create digital experiences that keep your customers coming back.