Combine Your Content and Ecommerce Platform to Provide Customers With Engaging Digital Experiences

The story of commerce and digital marketing teams is a familiar one. The commerce team will launch an online store using an ecommerce platform. Members of the commerce and IT teams work on the ecommerce platform and develop it as the online business progresses and grows. They will eventually decide that they would like to add content, like reviews and engaging media, to guide and inform customers.

At the same time, members of the digital marketing team will view the ecommerce platform and online store as a missed chance to optimize engagement and branding. They will attempt to contribute to the site, but will be disappointed to discover that the ecommerce platform can't satisfy their creative needs. This will cause the team to reach out to an external digital agency, pay for a separate site, and fulfill their creative production needs somewhere else. Doing this causes a common and unfortunate divide between content and commerce teams.

This report from Forrester, Bridging the Content/Commerce Divide, will give you more of an insight into how and why people that are failing to integrate their content and ecommerce platforms are wasting efforts and money.