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Integrate Content and Commerce on Your E Commerce Web Site to Deliver a Unified Brand Experience

In today’s world of omnichannel shopping, gone are the days when having a catalog on your e commerce web site was enough. The modern consumer now expects a consistent, connected and integrated brand experience which provides a story as well as the ability to purchase when shopping e commerce web sites.

Traditionally, e commerce web sites kept their brand and e commerce teams separate, which created a disjointed experience for shoppers. Many brands are forced to create patchwork experiences in an effort to present the consumer with both a streamlined shopping experience and a beautiful brand experience. But unfortunately, these end up as separate, disjointed user flows.

If brands can seamlessly integrate unify their content and commerce experience, they will be able to provide consumers with a fully cohesive brand story. These well branded and engaging experiences will inevitably drive loyalty, trust and conversion.

Acquia Commerce is the first digital experience platform that really enables the integration of content and commerce. Layer the Acquia Platform on top of enterprise ecommerce platforms and bring the best of both worlds together to create engaging commerce experiences. Read Forrester’s Bridge the Content/Commerce Divide to read more about why it’s so critical to integrate your brand’s content and commerce experiences.