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e-Commerce Platform

Integrating experience management and e-commerce platform delivers a seamless customer experience

Over the years, there has been a paradigm shift in the way consumers interact with brands and the way they shop e-commerce sites. Gone are the catalog e-commerce sites of the early 2000s as brands look to inject content and experience through the shopping flow. In today’s world relying on a single e-commerce platform to provide both a functional shopping experience and an engaging brand experience is simply asking too much.

Consumers expect more. Brands that provide true experience-led commerce are rewarded with engagement, advocacy and conversion.

Partner with Acquia to move beyond the traditional e-commerce platform and give your customers the experience they desire. Acquia Commerce brings the best of both worlds together – content and commerce - for you to create engaging customer experiences.

By integrating Acquia into your existing eCommerce Platform e-commerce teams can drive conversion while marketing drives brand loyalty.

  • e-Commerce - eCommerce managers now have the ability to blend product and non-product content in new and engaging ways
  • Brand/Content Managers – Can now easily create landing pages and experiences that will help consumers develop an emotional connection

Acquia Commerce provides all the tools and technologies to accelerate conversions. Check out our demo for more information.