Drupal Commerce

Unify Your Content and Commerce Strategies with Drupal Commerce

In today's modern world, it is absolutely crucial for retailers to have a complete understanding of the customer journey and the process they go through in order for them to be successful. Retailers must make data-driven decisions in order to provide custom digital experiences for each individual consumer. The customer journey has changed since the beginning of online retailing, and consumers are now faced with a multitude of choices along the way, from the product research stage to the content consumption stage and final purchase.

Using Drupal Commerce for your commerce experience can enable you to propel your digital strategy and engage customers at every stage of the customer journey. Drupal Commerce enables you to:

  • Build the appropriate application to serve both product marketing and commerce strategies
  • Develop easy to use commerce solutions that offer a wide reach across the web
  • Integrate with important third-party commerce and digital marketing tools

Drupal Commerce helps facilitate the modern journey and provides a rich, content-driven experience for your consumers. Download this eBook,The Modern Customer Journey: Converting Browsers into Buyers, to read about the importance of converting browsers into buyers by providing compelling, personalized experiences.