Drupal Shopping Cart

Drupal Shopping Cart for Commerce

On any commerce site, shoppers can put the items they have selected for purchase into a shopping cart so they can continue shopping without losing track of items.

Unfortunately, today's consumers are no longer satisfied with a basic shopping cart feature. They want to have an engaging, beautiful digital experience while they shop. By combining the flexibility of Drupal Commerce (complete with Drupal Shopping Cart), and the robust capabilities of the Acquia Platform, your brand can do just that.

But don't take our word for it. This report by Forrester shows why it is critical to bridge the divide between great content and commerce experiences. Read now to learn:

  • The detrimental effects of not integrating content and commerce experiences
  • How to integrate Drupal Shopping Cart with your current site content to create beautiful experiences for your consumers
  • How features like Drupal Shopping Cart are critical for bridging the content and commerce divide

Content and Commerce shouldn't have to live separately. Read the report to learn how you can leverage Acquia and Drupal Commerce to bridge the divide.