Drupal Commerce Helps Facilitate the Modern Customer Journey

In today’s modern world, the customer journey has drastically changed since the early days of retail, when there were fewer channels and the journey was much less complex. Consumers now have many more choices to make along their journey, from initial product research through to final purchase. In order for retailers to be successful, it’s vital to fully understand the consumer’s journey and how they browse and buy in today’s market. Furthermore, retailers must then make data-driven decisions and create personalized experiences tailored to each individual consumer.

Drupal Commerce can help facilitate this modern customer journey and all of the different points along the way. Drupal Commerce is an open source ecommerce framework that can be used to build flexible commerce websites. With Drupal Commerce, provide a rich, content-driven experience for consumers.

Read this eBook, The Modern Customer Journey: Converting Browsers into Buyers, to explore the modern shopping journey and how to make the most of today’s consumers.