Drupal E Commerce and the Modern Customer Journey

Drupal E Commerce and the Modern Customer Journey

Since the beginning days of retail, a lot has changed when it comes to the customer journey and how consumers are shopping and buying. The modern customer journey consists of far more options at every step of the way, from the initial product research to content consumption and ultimately, final purchase. Drupal e commerce can help facilitate this modern customer journey.

Download The Modern Customer Journey: Converting Browsers into Buyers, an eBook that explores the modern customer journey and discusses how to make the most of today’s consumers.

In order for modern retailers to be effective, it’s critical to understand every step of the modern journey consumers take, as well as make decisions using data and create personalized experiences for each individual customer. With Drupal for e commerce, you can provide a rich, content-driven experience for consumers:

  • Build the right application to satisfy both product marketing and commerce initiatives
  • Create easy to use commerce solutions that offer a wide reach across the web
  • Blend with third-party commerce and digital marketing tools

Use Drupal for e commerce to advance your e commerce strategy for the next chapter of digital customer engagement and digital business. Check out this eBook to get started!