Content Driven Commerce

Integrate Your Content and Commerce Technolgies

No longer should your marketing and commerce team be using separate platforms to attract consumers. With an integrated platform brands can create a personalized experiences across the customer life cycle for digital customers. Consumers in today's digital world are in search for a connected experience that educates them through content to help them make a purchase decision.

In fact, according to Forrester, commerce winners are differentiating with content. So how do you create content for commerce? By utilizing the Acquia Platform with your ecommerce platforms, you can:

  • create content to help consumers make a purchase decision no matter what stage of the customer life cycle
  • run campaigns across different stages of the customer life cycle
  • deliver personalized experiences across channels

By utilizing Acqia commerce, Lush Cosmetics saw: 64% increase in digital orders, 75% increase in website sessions, 16% decrease in abandoned shopping carts. An integrated platform is the key of any commerce or content experience. Keep up with today's consumers and close the divide between content and commerce. Download our Forrester report to learn more about content driven commerce!