Integrate Your Commerce Platforms with Content to Create Engaging Digital Experiences

Digital marketing and commerce teams tell a familiar story. When a commerce team launches online stores on commerce platforms, IT and commerce teams evolve their commerce platforms as the online business grows. Next, they want to add content, such as engaging media and reviews, that will inform and guide shoppers.

Meanwhile, digital marketers see the online store as a wasted opportunity for branding and engagement. The team will try to contribute to the site, only to find that the commerce platform can't satisfy their creative needs. In order to do so, the marketing team goes to an external digital agency, pays for an individual microsite, and brings their creative production needs somewhere else. Because of this, a common and unfortunate divide between commerce and content is formed.

In this Forrester report Bridge the Content/Commerce Divide, you will read how companies that have a digital presence and online store are wasting money and efforts by not integrating their content and commerce platforms.