Integrate Your Commerce Platform with Content to Provide an Engaging Digital Experience

Commerce Platform

Commerce and digital marketing teams tell an all too familiar story when it comes to their experience with digital presence. In the commerce teams case, they launch an new store online, powered by a commerce platform. The commerce and IT teams focus most of their time on the commerce platform, and work on evolving it as the digital business expands. As this happens, they'll likely want to add content, such as reviews and engaging media that can inform and guide customers.

At the same time, the digital marketing team views the online store as a missed opportunity in regards to branding and engagement, and will try to contribute to the site. However they will be disappointed to discover that the system won't be able to meet their needs. The marketing team then reaches out to a digital agency, pays costly fees for a separate microsite, and gets their creative production needs satisfied elsewhere. This creates an unfortunate, but very common, divide between the two teams.

This, in the end, will leave the customer feeling unsatisfied as they shop the site. Customers are looking for an engaging, connected digital shopping experience in today's world of omnichannel shopping. Without an integrated content and commerce strategy, brands cannot provide this engaging experience for customers.

In this research report by Forrester, you’ll learn more about why companies with an online commerce presence are wasting large amounts of money due to their failure to unify content with their commerce platform.