Commerce Kickstart Enables Users to Build a Beautiful Commerce Site Without the Timely Configuration

Commerce Kickstart

If you’re looking for a Drupal distribution that is perfect for the commerce space, you’ve found it! Commerce Kickstart is the best and easiest way to get up and running with Drupal Commerce. Commerce Kickstart includes the latest versions of Drupal Core, Drupal Commerce, and all of the modules that make Drupal Commerce run smoothly. Commerce Kickstarts enables users to create a great commerce site without the complication and timeliness of configuration.

Commerce Kickstart pairs perfectly with Acquia Cloud Free, a sandbox for Drupal Developers with the best set of tools to get you started. In Acquia Cloud Free, find access to tons of helpful tools, including:

  • Acquia Insight: gain access to how your site is performing by measuring and analyzing your site. Improve quality based on performance, security, and best practices for Drupal
  • Acquia Search: provide the best quality search experiences for users by using Apache Solr-powered search out-of-the-box
  • Acquia Mollom: protect your site against harmful spam and ensure you are providing appropriate content for your site visitors
  • Acquia Help Center: get answers to all of your questions and make sure you are fully informed with helpful resources such as tips and tricks, best practices, and how-tos to expand your skill set with Drupal

Don’t waste any time - get started with Commerce Kickstart on Acquia Cloud Free today!