Best Practices For Modern Commerce

3 Forrester Best Practices For Modern Commerce

The modern consumer expects a consistent, integrated digital experience throughout their shopping journey. But many brands are struggling to create a streamlined shopping experience and often end up with separate, disjointed user flows. To ensure your brand can deliver a holistic and unified experience for your customers you need to leverage technology.

Three best practices according to Forrester:

  1. Ensure the “discover” and “explore” phases of the customer journey aren't disjointed from the “buy.” This results in a digital experience that is difficult for a consumer to navigate and ultimately leaves revenue left on the table.
  2. Brands that have a collaborative approach to both technology and commerce see improvements in metrics related to commerce, from time-to-market to conversion.
  3. Commerce winners differentiate with content.

So what does that mean for your brand? Companies hoping to create unified experiences for marketing and commerce end-to-end for their customers must revisit their working relationship and their technology strategies. Acquia Commerce is the first digital experience platform to enable the integration of content and commerce. Find out more best practices for modern commerce and how technology can ensure you don't leave money on the table.