Best Ecommerce Cms

Unite Content and Commerce with Acquia

Today’s online shopping environment is driven by the consumer. Consumer needs and demands have quickly evolved, and many companies have raced to develop patchwork experiences streamlining shopping with beautiful brand experiences. Unfortunately, these fixes can result in separate, disjointed user flows. Acquia is the best ecommerce CMS on the market, and can give you the tools necessary to take a new approach to ecommerce.

The Acquia Platform, a Leading Gartner Magic Quadrant CMS, layered with enterprise level ecommerce platforms, can unite the worlds of content and commerce like never before. Drupal is the first platform to successfully integrate content, commerce, and community, to tell a cohesive story to the consumer and drive customer loyalty, trust, and conversion.

Some features of Acquia’s ecommerce CMS include:

  • Easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop tools for in context editing
  • Content creation that allows you to preview and refine future shopping experiences while in draft mode
  • Layout and management tools that allow you to seamlessly integrate commerce and content

At Acquia, we believe that commerce should be beautiful. To find out more about Acquia, the best ecommerce CMS, read the Forrester whitepaper, Bridge the Commerce/Content Divide.