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How to Create an eCommerce Experience Consumers Will Love

For retail and consumer brands, the web commerce landscape is an ever-evolving maze. Just as soon as you think you’ve found your way through the final challenge, you round a corner and smack right into another wall. The challenges for a modern, online retailer are vast and varied, and they’re always changing. No matter your role in the commerce industry -- whether you’re responsible for customer experience, or technical systems, or overseeing personnel, or managing product, or exploring new markets -- you’re no doubt up against some pretty tough conditions.

Consumers Demand Personalization
Today’s consumers are picky and fickle, easily distracted and far too savvy. They demand more than they ever have before, and the market is such that they’re enabled to do so. They want more information, more options, and more flexibility, paired with better experiences, better prices, and better terms. They might like to visit you in-store one day, or online the next, and as the retailer, it’s your job to give them exactly what they want. You have to personalize their experiences and deliver targeted, contextualized offers. Whatever the consumer demands, you must deliver.

Cross-channel Strategy is a Must
No longer can brands get away with having a single-channel strategy -- they must instead be reaching their customers wherever the customer is, and at whatever time they’re ready to buy, across all platforms, including smartphones and tablets, as well as websites. And the ecommerce challenge isn’t just domestic, it’s international too, and across country borders is a literal sea of new markets that each have their own set of identities and challenges, all relying on great content.

Unify Content and Commerce
Pair this with the ever-increasing complexity of building a robust and powerful technical system. To engage with today’s consumer, a brand must seamlessly blend content and ecommerce to deliver beautiful, engaging customer experiences that inspire and delight. If a consumer isn’t engaged the second they hit a brand homepage and website, then there’s little chance of getting them to stick around. But as a retailer, how do you build a system that simultaneously manages inventory, orders, and personnel while also enabling your creative team to build a beautiful website that runs flawlessly and converts consistently?

As a brand in this day and age, you’re constantly striving to find a way to balance customer demands with market changes, technical systems and associates, all while continuing to sell product and drive revenues. It’s a tall, tall task, and we’re on the cusp of perhaps the most challenging moment in the history of commerce. And while the opportunity can be daunting, it also offers your brand an exciting opportunity to create digital experiences that your customers will love.

By utilizing a powerful open source platform like Acquia and Drupal, you can integrate all of your preferred systems and their teams. This unified platform serves as the foundation for building a global ecommerce engine, and give you the foundation to unify content and commerce to deliver the web commerce experience that today’s savvy consumer expects.