Are You Wondering When Will Drupal 8 Be Ready?

When Will Drupal 8 Be Ready

A lot of people were wondering: “when will Drupal 8 be ready?” Now that Drupal 8 is generally available, you may be wondering, "What's new with Drupal 8"?

This eBook provides an informative overview of all of the major changes in Drupal 8 for all users.

The exciting changes include things such as:

  • Content Authoring Made Easy: create and publish content quickly and easily from any device
  • Be Easily Connected: Drupal makes it simple to integrate with the different technologies that your organization is using, such as email marketing systems or analytics platforms
  • Mobile priority: responsive by design and ready for any device
  • API-Designed Content: Drupal gives users the ability to publish content once and use on any device or application

Read up on the new changes and improvements in this eBook.