What Is Content Management System

Today's definition of content management system

What is a Content Mangement System?

The answer is a long one. But in short, a web content management system (WCM) is the basecamp to your digital business strategy. In fact,

"One billion websites blanket the world — and every one of them already has or should have a WCM." - Forrester Wave WCM

Today's WCM empowers marketers to easily create content, and then promote and publish that content quickly to all customer channels. Leading organizations are not looking at have a WCM as an option.

Grandfather platforms can’t keep up anymore. Integration is key and personalized digital experiences must be omnipresent in the consumer's buyer journey.

Drupal & the Acquia Platform tag-team to resolve this prevalent issue. With Acquia, you can develop rich content across the "many sites" you may offer, while maintaining consistent building techniques within the coding realm. Deployment processes are not grueling and the ability to repurpose your CMS features: endless.

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